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Financial Aid Online Forms

Welcome to Empire State College's Financial Aid Online Forms. Logging in to this page will allow you access to the Special Condition Form, Verification Form, Declaration of Untaxed Income Form, Aid for Part Time Study Form, and Part Time TAP Request Form.

We are happy to have you apply online for financial services at our college and hope you find online forms an easy and efficient way to apply. Please read through the following screens to gather the information you will need to complete the forms. When you are ready to fill out a form, click the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen.

To work on these forms you will need an Empire State College login and password:

  • Currents student should use their college login (e.g., john_doe123). If you need to activate your login or get a password reminder, go to www.esc.edu/MyEsc.
  • If you already have a college login/password (e.g., john_doe123) and would like to return to forms in progress or create new forms, click here
  • If you prefer to use standard mail, e-mail the Office of Student Financial Services (FinancialAid@esc.edu) to obtain a form and instructions. Please specify the name of the form in your e-mail message.

Who can use financial aid online forms
You can use the financial aid online forms if:

You are currently a matriculated student or plan on becoming a matriculated student with Empire State College.

Who cannot use financial aid online forms
You cannot use the financial aid online forms if:
  • You are a non-U.S. citizen residing in a foreign country.
  • You are interested in taking courses but not matriculating.

When to apply
While the deadline for different applications varies, we strongly recommend you apply as soon as possible. Doing so maximizes your chances of having your financial aid in place at the time of your enrollment.

We encourage you to apply for financial aid a minimum of 3-4 months prior to your specified enrollment date.

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